Maple Ridge Armoury

Maple Ridge Armoury Pincer Gas Block .750

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The Maple Ridge Armoury Pincer Gas Block is a low profile, lightweight gas block that securely mounts to the barrels gas journal using 3 screws set perpendicular to the bore line.  This provides 360 degrees of force around the barrels gas journal ensuring a secure fit superior to the more common low profile design which only has 2 set screws applying force to 2 points on the bottom of the gas journal .

  • Material: AISI 4140 Steel
  • Treatment: Black Oxide
  • Set Screw Torque Value: 5 in /lbs
  • .750 Diameter
    • Dimensions: 1 ” × .85 ” × 1.3 5 ” (L × W × H)
    • Weight: 1.3oz
  • Made in Canada