ASP Style Expandable Baton + Nylon Holster 26"

SKU: TK-0111-26
ASP Style Expandable Baton
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Expandable Baton ASP Style - All Expandable Batons are stainless steel shaft, and coated in low profile black finish. They are also equipped with a non-slip rubberized handle for firm grip to maxi mize swing strength without risking slippage. Comes with nylon holster.

Flick hard to open. To collapse it, bring it down on the ground vertically, tip down. Very hard to break or damage if used correctly, because it is full stainless steel, which provides rust resistance and weather resistance.

These Expandable Batons are a very good product for self defense training, and a good survivalist tool. Comes  with a nylon holster for convenient carrying.

The Expandable Batons are for training purposes and self defense only - due to this we accept no liability for injury or damage done to property or people.

PLEASE NOTE: Friction locking batons do NOT require a lot of force to close. It is technique, not strength. If you smash it at a bad angle, or use a hammer, you may damage the locking component, causing it to seize up. 

We will not refund batons that have clearly been damaged by the user. If this is your first friction-locking baton, please google how to close it properly. There are multiple techniques, and videos available to teach you, including ones that don't involve hitting it on the ground. This is useful if you have hardwood or tile flooring. 

  • Material: Stainless steel shaft coated in low profile black finish
  • Non-slip rubberized handle
  • Comes with nylon holster.
  • ASP style design.
  •  26' - collapses compact to fit in pocket or use with holster.
  • Flick open, slam on hard surface tip down to close.
  • Full stainless steel provides rust resistance and weather resistance.   
  • Ideal survivalist and  self defense product.
  • Passed CBSA Import & Inspection